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My Background

As a young boy growing up, I developed a love for the Earth and all its features, creatures, peoples and cultures. The big bookcase in our living room was a place where I nurtured my curiosity as I spent the rainy days staring at maps and exploring books about wildlife, history and jet aircraft.

Fast forward a few decades and I find myself living my childhood dream. Flying a Boeing 737 for a living allowed me to continue to stare at maps and enjoy the wonderful sights of the Earth while having the opportunity to say “hi” to people in a few different languages on any regular day. I enjoyed this lifestyle and developed skills and heart-centered leadership in a dynamic environment that requires strategy and procedure as well as heart and soul.

Eventually, something appeared to be missing from the formula for a fulfilling life. I wanted to be involved in something more meaningful. Something that transcends yet supports personal and professional development and touches on the big questions. Coaching provides a great toolbox for that job. And as a coach, I use these tools to support leaders, starters and dreamers with navigating challenge and opportunity with vision, purpose and focus.

My proudest moment

Drinking tea while enjoying the wide views into the valley from a mountain pass I had just reached by motorcycle via challenging dirt roads.

3 words to describe my coaching style

Exploring, Challenging and Empowering

Languages I can coach in

English, Dutch

Contact Details

+31 611 77 62 90

Time zone: CET

Wouter Peters: TeamMember
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