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My Background

Born in a small but interconnected country, early on in life I developed a passion for discovering the outer world, deeply curious about what lays beyond. That resulted in 25 years of international experience in managing growth, acquisitions and restructurings in the aviation ecosystem. 

This desire also led me to learn 6 languages and spend time working and studying in different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, giving me the opportunity to understand cultures and different ways of working on a deeper level.

The curiosity about the outer world slowly shifted towards a burning desire to better understand the inner world. This is how coaching came into my life. As I was managing an airline privatisation a few years into my career, I came to the realisation that corporate transformation can only achieve limited success without  a strong focus on personal transformation, especially among it leaders. 

This profound insight ignited a parallel career path for me, combining corporate strategy with executive and career coaching. 

On a personal level, I am deeply fascinated by the arts, encompassing theatre, music, and creative writing. In my coaching, I like to bring everything I can to the table to spark transformation. Hence, I now incorporate techniques gleaned from the performing arts into my coaching methodology. This has proven to be particularly helpful for leaders who not only want to transform themselves personally but also strive to amplify their executive presence, hereby inspiring others. 

My proudest moment

Purely out of curiosity, I enrolled in one term of ‘French theatre classes’. I ended up playing the main role for multiple years in different productions, leading me to perform in 17th century French and deliver a monologue of more than 10 minutes. 

3 words to describe my coaching style

Curious, Creative, Courageous

Languages I can coach in:

English, French, Dutch

Contact Details


Time zone: Gulf Standard Time (GMT+4)

Sven Deckers: TeamMember
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