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My Background

I am Scottish by birth, American by Education, and Swiss by love. I had a great 20 plus year career at an outstanding multi-national company (heavy machinery, manufacturing), with about 10 of those years in challenging leadership positions including change management and Six Sigma. After being caught in an avalanche, and a few other events that caused reflection, I re-evaluated my life goals. This resulted in me leaving my great corporate job and team to start my own business as a coach and have a very different lifestyle. Now I live in two places in Switzerland where I can ski, bike, hike right from my front doors. I strive to live life, based on my priorities (1) Health (2) Fun with family, friends and dog, and last but not least - (3) Work that I love (coaching :-))

My proudest moment

12 rope length climb up to the WivanniHorn (no mean feat for someone afraid of heights :-)) Made me realize that I can do a lot more than I think I can! And I love challenges. 

3 words to describe my coaching style

Committed. Challenging. Supportive.

Languages I can coach in


Contact Details


Time zone: CET

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