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My Background

As a kid, I grew up passionate with Lego, computing, scouting and playing in a rock band. Playing is a critical part of my life, still today. It provides a space for me to express my creativity… and I love it even more when I can play with others… and the more, the merrier! This also developed my leadership skills.

Most of my 20 years corporate career has been built around these 2 components: creativity and leadership. I could sum it up in one sentence: "what can we create together?" I have worked in commercial and marketing positions first leading projects and then leading teams.

Then, I sensed I wanted to go on an adventure… I left my safe and comfortable salaried position to become an entrepreneur… I was not totally sure what I wanted to do. I spent a lot of time reflecting and my purpose became clearer. I wanted to coach leaders with big dreams! My purpose as a coach is to provide leaders with time and space to create newness in the world. I also coach teams with an intent to see more peace and creativity at work. 

My proudest moment

playing the guitar in Marrakesh to support my team delivering a message to about 100 Africa Middle East Executives

3 words to describe my coaching style

safe, courageous, creative

Languages I can coach in:

English, French

Contact Details


Time zone: CET

Pierre-Laurent Verdon: TeamMember
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