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My Background

Born in a French family, I grew up in Tunisia, Venezuela, and Indonesia, experiencing a variety of cultures right away. Did my curiosity about human beings come from these years ? I have always been very curious about who we are, what makes us tick, and this has shaped my path: I first practiced and studied theatre for years. As an actress, I was taking on someone else’s personality and as a critic, I could watch the human comedy magnified on stage. I then worked in market research, analyzing consumers' perceptions. I stayed home to raise my two boys, witnessing their growth. I became a teacher and trainer, still passionate about how we are all different and similar at the same time.

And then coaching found me and I fell in love with it: a space of deep respect, without judgment, rooted in the belief that each human being is creative, resourceful and whole. A powerful relationship that connects each person with themselves and what they really want. Because great leadership always starts within.

My proudest moment

At the start of my coaching training in London, I was acknowledged for my leadership : I felt surprised and proud as I was the only homemaker in a class of corporate leaders.

3 words to describe my coaching style

Playful, daring and loving

Languages I can coach in

English, French

Contact Details

+33 6 48 36 67 04

Time zone: CET

Isabelle Verdon: TeamMember
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