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My Background

I grew up extremely shy and sensitive, and, at the same time, very determined and ambitious. As a kid, skiing taught me what it means to commit, to have patience and to learn from setbacks. It also taught me the power of collaboration, team spirit and how important it is to enjoy what you do. When off the snow I loved listening to the adults’ conversations and observing the people around me.

After my studies I started working in Quality & Development in a travel corporation. My manager was also a professional coach; her level of listening and her presence were beyond exceptional: I felt really seen and supported. That’s when I fell in love with coaching and its power to foster change.  10 years later, I now have the privilege to be a professional coach myself, to work with inspiring people  and feel fulfilled while doing what I love.

My proudest moment

when I was a little kid, just minutes before a ski race, I cried so much with my coach because of nasty comments I had received. Then I took a moment, refocused, pulled myself together and won the race. 

3 words to describe my coaching style

not three words but a sentence “still water runs deep”

Languages I can coach in

English, Italian

Contact Details

+31 6 24673577

Time zone: CET

Federica Salvi: Team Members
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