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My background

As I grew up outside of my home country, I’ve drawn a deep interest for cultures, people and their behaviours. As I was studying business, I developed a passion for growing brands. Combining these 2 passions, I pursued a marketing career in high-profile multinationals, relentlessly digging behind the obvious of consumers’ behaviours, identifying their unmet needs and eventually turning them into business opportunities. 

Twenty years in my career, I felt I wanted more. I wanted more connection and I wanted to have a more direct impact on people and on the world. Both my life and corporate experience had shown me that people tend to grow within boundaries of expectations, boundaries of fitting in. Today my mission as a coach is to help my clients reconnect to their unique talents and resources and co-create with them their dream life.

My proudest moment

Curating an exhibition of my own pictures from a trip to Ethiopia to the benefit of Ethiopian girls’ education 

3 words to describe my coaching style

Challenging in the service of my client, inquisitive, caring

Languages I can coach in

English, French

Contact Details

+33 6 24 85 77 27

Time zone: CET

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