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My Background

I was born in Greece, grew up in Australia and now live in Spain. I started my career as a software developer which got me exposed to the world of Agile in its early days. I was immersed in the world of Agile for many years, accompanying teams and organisations navigate the constant changes that were occuring. After a while I realised that the missing piece of the puzzle for me, connecting with people through meaningful conversations, was in fact my true calling and chose to follow this new path that was unfolding before me.

As a kendo practitioner and instructor, I strive to cultivate myself into the best version I can be and provide the same path to those around me. It has been a powerful way to constantly strive for improvement, reflect, and be grateful.

My proudest moment

Seeing my kendo students compete on the world stage multiple times.

3 words to describe my coaching style

wonder, challenging, grounded

Languages I can coach in:

English, Spanish, Greek

Contact Details

+34 671219961

Timezone: CET

Dino Zafirakos: TeamMember
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